10 PACK - SanDisk 8GB MicroSD HC Memory Card SDSDQAB-008G (Bulk Packaging) LOT OF 10 with SD Adapter and USB 2.0 MicoSD

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Product Description

MicroSD-HC Memory Card

As a component of SEM, Microscale Storage Device is using to store data of different sizes. The use of this device is also encouraged by various programs. These programs help the users to save information in the form of a memory card or USB flash drives.

It was designed as an original design for storage and support of information. This device is also called PCMCIA or PC SIM (Single Programmable Interface). It is a programmable device and contains a memory interface, removable interface card, processor, data conversion chip, header, reset button, ROM and data switching chip. A typical MicrOSD HC card holds memory device size of over six gigabytes.

HCD cards are used as a data storage device for both personal and business needs. One can find so many use cases for this device. It has tremendous benefits over conventional floppy disks, CD-ROMs and other CD-ROM/DVD disks.

The most common use case is that of a laptop or notebook. It is used for application-specific data storage. For example, emails and documents stored on the card to help the user to access it when he is not at home or office. It can also be used for business needs for large volume of data backup.

To carry out the backup and recovery process, HCD can be connected to the system. The card can be read by the operating system. It allows users to save data that is required for each application. It can be remotely accessed through the device's cable or network.

The conversion of BSC data to Micro SD or Micro USB data can be done easily. The transfer of data from BSC to Micro SD or Micro USB can be done quickly and efficiently. The data can be edited or modified using the device's software. User-friendly interface of the device helps the users to manage the data of any format.

Also, the user can access any one of the device's file at any time. It can be remotely accessed through the internet. One can also perform backup and recovery process with this device through any computer.

The HCD is built into the device's motherboard. The board can be removed from the card and can be installed on a computer. When it is not in use, it can be stored under a protective sleeve. The sleeve is mounted inside the card.

The design of the card is based on the electronic designs. This allows the users to customize the device. The CMOS circuitry of the device can be changed according to one's requirements. For example, it can be made to support 512-bit memory or can be made to support faster operation time.

The BSC data is translated into Micro SD or Micro USB data that can be directly transferred to the memory of the HCD. The memory of the device is designed to be able to store or translate various types of data in a single flash. The data can be written, read, altered or formatted in various formats.

A feature of HCD is the ability to use the card's design for other purposes. A desktop computer can be used to replace the card. It is known as two-in-one device. By adding the memory card into a laptop, one can also perform data backup or recovery.

The BSC and Micro SD can be added to the computer to configure HCD. Moreover, many business professionals use HCD for faster data transfer.

Product Features

SanDisk 8GB Class 4 UHS-1 MicroSD HC Memory Card Bulk packed in case (1 case per memory card) SanDisk MicroSD to SD Adapter included Listing includes: 10x Memory Card, 10x SD Adapter, 10x plastic case, 1x Card Reader