128 GB Retropie 4.4 SD Card - Premium Collection with Video Previews & 3D Boxart

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Download RetroPie Live - Latest Raspberry Pi Game Collection

Retropie is the latest version of the Raspbian GNU/Linux operating system and this latest release of the Retropie disk image is known as the RETROPIE 4.4 SD card image. This is a Linux distribution which has been designed to emulate various old computers, such as the Apple II, Commodore 64, Atari, VIC-20, ZX Spectrum and many more, and then be able to boot from them and run your favourite games.

The latest build of this distribution includes a variety of games which you can load on your Raspberry Pi such as Sonic The Hedgehog, Mario Kart, Street Fighter, NBA Jam, Pac Man, Asphalt, Red Baron, Ski, Centipede, Breakout, Centipede 2, Worms, Hexen, etc. The newest release of the Raspberry Pi is able to boot up faster than ever, thanks to the powerful GPU and built in wireless networking capabilities.

The Retropie distribution comes with many hundreds of games for the Raspberry Pi which makes it perfect for games enthusiasts. It is also considered the best environment to develop games, thanks to the rich hardware resources that make the operating system faster and more responsive.

The latest build of the Retropie distribution features a selection of Raspbery Pi themes and it is very easy to customize your own Raspberry Pi project using these themes. So for example, if you like Pac Man, you can install Pac Man themes to make it look a lot better.

To download the latest build of the Retropie image, you will need to download the installation image to your computer and then copy it onto your SD card. Once you have copied the Retropie disk image onto your SD card, it is now possible to copy the contents of the image onto your SD card.

You can then follow the instructions on the Retropie website to install the Retropie application onto your Raspberry Pi. After the Retropie application has been installed, you will need to reboot your Raspberry Pi in order to activate the configuration screens.

After the configuration screens are activated, you should configure your WiFi settings in order to get a free network and connect to it. You should also download the Retropie setup script to enable automatic updates to your install of the Retropie distribution.

After the installation is complete, it is time to configure the auto update option which will update the whole operating system. After the auto update has been configured, you will then need to configure your Bluetooth settings and then choose the 'Retropie' icon to install the Retropie theme.

Once the Retropie theme is installed, you will need to connect your Raspberry Pi to your home network. After a successful connection to your home network, you should plug your Raspberry Pi into your TV so that you can boot up in the new Retropie environment.

You should then launch the Retropie configuration menu by pressing the Retropie Configure icon on your desktop. You should then press the Configure button, which will immediately start the main screen.

From here, you should input your username and password to login to your Raspberry Pi. You should then click the login button in order to log in to your Raspberry Pi.

There are many Arcade Games to be downloaded onto your Raspberry Pi including some you may have never heard of. The Retropie update gives you the ability to share your RetroPie Adventures with family and friends.

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Only work with Raspbery Pi 3B/3B+ BEST QUALITY Samsung or SanDisk 128 GB MicroSD Memory Card - Loaded Collection with Video Previews & 3D Boxart Pre-Loaded SD Image comes with over 15,000 games from 40 classic gaming systems Ready for PLUG & PLAY Version for Raspberry Pi 4 can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B081PP58Z9?ref=myi_title_dp