90w Universal Ac Laptop Charger Power Adapter for Hp Compaq Dell Acer Asus Toshiba IBM Lenovo Samsung Sony Fujitsu Gateway Notebook Ultrabook

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The 90W Universal AC Laptop Charger is a device which is used to charge mobile electronic devices. It has a maximum capacity of 60 watts. The charger comes with the power adapter and is designed to plug into the wall outlet or USB socket.

The universal AC Laptop Charger is a portable device which can be used for charging several mobile devices at the same time. It provides high power in order to charge several mobile phones, tablet computers, laptops and other electrical devices. When one is travelling, the portable charger enables them to carry out a lot of work within their laptops and mobile phones.

Chargers come with different features, the most popular being the speed at which the device is charged. It can charge a laptop within minutes if they are charged at a higher speed than normal. A portable charger can charge a laptop in five minutes if they are charged at a fast rate.

Chargers have a number of advantages. The chargers are used for a variety of devices that include laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras, PDAs and many other electrical devices. They are able to charge these items in the shortest possible time. Some chargers charge the devices at their fastest rates and others charge at their slowest rates.

The universal AC Laptop Charger comes with an internal LCD screen which gives the user the information about the charges and the time left for them to complete it. A light sensor located at the bottom of the device senses if it is full and a LED indicator is displayed to let the user know the charge status. The device also has a volume control which allows the user to adjust the volume according to the need. An LED indicator lets the user know when the device needs to be charged again.

Many people have a portable device and some do not. The charger can be used by those who do not have a mobile device. This device comes with an adaptor and the adaptor can be attached to any electric socket and it is compatible with any type of laptop or any other mobile device.

When used as a portable charger, the charger comes with a USB cable that can be connected to an electrical socket. and the device can be plugged into it. The USB cord will charge the portable device can be plugged in to it to recharge the device. It can charge a laptop or a mobile phone at the same time if required.

Charging devices through chargers is very beneficial as the devices can be charged at the leisure of the users. They have different types of chargers which are suitable for different types of devices. The chargers are available from different companies and they also provide various service support such as support for different sizes of batteries.

The universal AC Laptop Charger has a large storage capacity and this device has an auto shut down feature which makes the charging process efficient and fast. The device has a wide temperature range and can work on both the hot and the cold surface. It is user friendly, which allows the user to charge the device without any difficulty, and it can be charged even during power cuts. The device has a wide temperature range, which enables it to work at a comfortable temperature. and is safe for all the electronic devices.

There are no problems of compatibility of this device. Most of the other devices need a special adapter to charge the devices but this device does not require an adapter to charge the devices. The device has a high capacity battery that will give a good run time to the battery and it will work for a long time with no problem.

It is cost effective and the cost can be saved by buying a charger from online stores. The online store helps the users to buy the charger at lower prices and the product gets delivered at your doorstep. The online store provides a warranty which ensures the users that the products will work for a long time. The online store provides free shipping and handling charges for the items.

The charger comes with a charger converter which enables the user to use the charger with different types of batteries. It is very convenient for the users to recharge their gadgets at any place in the world and it is an economical way of using the charger. The charger provides a wide range of options and offers the convenience of a fast and efficient charging facility.

Product Features

This Laptop Charger works with most laptops ultrabooks chromebooks, safety and stability, easy to use. You can power your different brand notebooks with one laptop power cord. This Universal Laptop Charger is compatible with 40W 45W 65W 90W laptop power adapter?Please do not charge laptops over 90W?. Input: 100V-240V 50-60Hz. Output: DC 18.5v 19v 19.5v 20v Max. 4.62A. Compatibility: HP ENVY 15 17 TouchSmart Sleekbook M6 M7, Stream 11 13 14 Spectre x360, DV14 15 2000 4000 5000 6000 8000, Pavilion Dv4 Dv6 Dv7 Dm4 G6 G7, Folio EliteBook Probook etc/ Dell Inspiron 11Z-1121 1320 13Z-5323 14-3420 14Z-5423 15R-5520 15R-5537 14R 17R N5010 N7110, Studio 15 17, Xps Latitude Portege etc/ Lenovo Thinkpad Z60 T410 SL400 SL500 SL510, Ideapad yoga 2 pro 11 11s 13 etc/ Acer Chromebook 11 13 14 15 C720 C720P R11 C740 Cb3 Cb5, Aspire P3 S5 S7 E5-573G E1 ES1, Travelmate etc. Asus Zenbook UX21E and UX31E, Chromebook C200 C200MA C300 C300MA X553M T300LA F553M, VivoBook etc/ Toshiba Chromebook 2 13.3 inch CB30 CB35, Satellite C55-C5241,P755 P775 P870 S855 S875 U305 U505 etc/ ASUS X551MA F555LA-AB31 X550ZA-WH11 X551 X555LA K501UX etc/ Samsung AtivBook GS6/GT6/7/8 X05 VM GT NT etc/ Sony VAIO VGP-AC19V39 VGP-AC19V47 etc/ Fujitsu Lifebook etc/ Gateway NV55C etc./ Presario Evo vostro pro Folio OMEN AcerNote Extensa series Package Content: 1 x Universal laptop charger 90w, 1 x 6 feet power cord, 1 x Connectors sets.