ACASIS typec USB 10G to NVME Dual-Bay NVME Docking Station Support Offline Clone Duplicator and Auto Sleep Function

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ACASIS TypeC USB 10G to NVMe Dual-Bay NVME Docking Station

The new ACASIS TypeC USB 10G to NVME Dual-Bay NVME Docking Station is based on top quality technology that can power up to ten VIA ethernet and ten VIA WiMax devices at the same time. This kind of a docking station is suitable for commercial and home use as well.

ACASIS typec USB 10G to NVME DualBay NVME Docking Station

The docking station is capable of working with any single Gigabit Ethernet switch as well as single gigabit port or can accommodate one gigabit switch and five gigabit ports of ethernet connection, thus giving a maximum of twenty-five-gigabit ports of simultaneous service. The docking station also supports two dual-port Ethernet cards with power adapters.

The type connector for VIA Ethernet gives the user to connect to the switching with a smaller slot. The ACASIS TypeC USB 10G to NVMe Dual-Bay NVME Docking Station gives the easy access of Ethernet ports and one Gigabit Ethernet ports to enable users to have the complete control of the network. The two gigabit ports enable expansion of the network with a single gigabit switch.

Users need not worry about the cable that is needed to be connected between the docking station and switch. Since this docking station is compatible with any switch, they can simply use the TypeC USB cable, which has the Gigabit technology built into it.

Users can operate various applications at the same time. A professional can work on any application while browsing the web and making phone calls simultaneously. Users can share files to multiple folders simultaneously.

The ACASIS TypeC USB 10G to NVMe Dual-Bay NVME Docking Station is perfect for the wireless world. It can be easily plugged in the wall or used for connecting to the wireless router.

The ACASIS docking station is energy efficient because it has no power management. This is beneficial for those who are concerned about the environment protection. It is also reliable because it has low maintenance requirements.

The docking station is available in a wide and large number of sizes and shapes. For this reason, users are assured of compatibility and good compatibility of the docking station with any system.

The ACASIS TypeC USB 10G to NVMe Dual-Bay NVME Docking Station is priced in a reasonable price range. This docking station is an affordable solution for all business organizations.

Another advantage of using ACASIS docking station is that it gives the users the freedom to customize their own configuration with the help of software. Users can freely change the configurations of the operating system and user software in order to optimize their network performance.

The ACASIS TypeC USB 10G to NVMe Dual-Bay NVME Docking Station is user friendly and comes with a customer support in order to meet the needs of the users. Users do not have to worry about how to connect and run their network as it offers the right connectivity solution.

The Vias Wirelady wireless dock provides you flexibility in using the equipment, even when there is no power supply for it. The wireless docking station is fully plug and play, which make it convenient for users to be able to connect and run their network without any hassle.

Product Features

Offline copy, no need to connect to a computer, file data, audio and video data, one-click offline copy, easy operation. Support most PCIe NVMe M2 M Key SSD.Plug and play, no drivers needed. Supports hard drives up to 8TB. Reads two hard drives simultaneously Stereo solid-state hard disk box offline clone base, fast heat dissipation, better protection of hard disk Achieving 10Gbps USB data transition from NVM Express PCI-e SSD to host PC, MacBook and NAS disk station. Pushing USB3.1 Gen2 to its limit, R/W speed up to 992MB/s with most NVMe NGFF.