Archgon Thunderbolt 3 External Gen3x4 NVMe SSD PCIe Drive with Heatsink Inside Model X70 II

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The Archgoose Thundbolt 3 is a high performance golf club for players who like to play in fast conditions, particularly when it comes to driving distances. The Archgoose Thundbolt 3 is made from steel with a rubber grip. It is built using advanced technology and is one of the fastest clubs on the market.

The Archgoose Thundbolt 3 offers a great range of power for all levels of players. The shaft is made from graphite that makes it extremely smooth and stiff for maximum accuracy. The club is an excellent choice for players who want to improve their golf game quickly. The club's length is just right for beginners while being long enough for more experienced golfers.

In addition, the club offers a range of features designed to help the player control the speed of the ball flight and increase distance and accuracy. The club also has a large sweet spot, which allows the golfer to hit the ball as hard as possible without hitting it too hard. It also has a low spin that improves accuracy. Another benefit of this club is the high launch angle that helps the golfer to swing with more precision. The lower center of gravity means it helps the golfer to maintain distance better and to stay more relaxed during play.

The club is designed with two shafts, which can be adjusted for better swing strength. This makes it a good club for those who are new to the game or for those who are just improving their game. The two shafts allow the golfer to adjust the stiffness for better accuracy or flexibility for better feel during play.

In addition to the two shafts, the club has a solid base and high backspin to help the golfer to maintain distance. This helps the player make more shots from the fairway. It has a five-piece body that allows it to absorb energy better. When the energy in the club is absorbed, the golfer can swing harder without feeling any resistance when making contact with the ball.

A lot of attention has been paid to the club's weight distribution, which helps the golfer to maintain their balance when swinging. The club has a low center of gravity distribution that allows the golfer to swing with a more precise motion that gives them the best possible impact. on the ball. This allows the golfer to increase their chances of hitting the ball directly over the top.

The Archgoose Thundbolt 3 also has an adjustable loft, which allows the golfer to set the level of loft at which the ball rolls slightly. There is a six-degree rise that allows the ball to roll toward the right which enables the golfer to keep the ball closer to the right-hand side of the fairway. If the golfer wants to use more distance and control the ball's flight they can raise the loft and use the left-hand side of the fairway.

The archgoose Thundbolt 3 is a good golf club for beginners and more experienced players alike. This is a club that offers the golfer a high degree of control, accuracy, distance, and versatility.

For those that are new to the game, this is a great club that can help them improve their game as well as those that are more experienced. With this club, they will be able to learn the basics of the game and learn how to hit more accurate shots without having to spend too much money.

This particular golf club was developed by the company called Archgoose. This company manufactures golf clubs and equipment for many other companies including Callaway and Nike.

The Archgoose Thundbolt 3 is an excellent golf club for beginners and professionals who want to improve their game and enjoy the game more. This is a club that will not break the bank and can help the golfer to become more skilled and knowledgeable about the game.

Product Features

? [THUNDERBOLT 3 Certified] The power of Thunderbolt 3 interface and M.2 NVMe SSD perform high transfer speed up to 40GB/s (Compared to Max. 10GB/s by USB 3.1 Gen.2 ) ? [Deliver Lightning Speed] The Archgon X70II delivers reliable performance up to read 3400MB/s and write 3000MB/s. Transfer a 15GB 4K raw data in 10 seconds (based on internal testing and the results may vary depending on different host devices) ? [Better Thermal Management] Designed with dual layer of heatsink inside keeps you far away from overheat issue and maintains optimal temperature for the internal NVMe SSD ? [Durable Compact Size] Protective aluminum casing with only 3.98x2.24x0.55 inches not only saves your bag’s space but also ensures your data ? [Compatibility] NOT compatible with Windows OS with USB-C port. Support Windows 10 with Thunderbolt 3 and Mac OS with USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) port