Bobj Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8-inch Tablet, SM-T330, SM-T331, SM-T335, SM-T337, SM-T337A, and Other SM-T33. (Not for Tab A 8) - BobjGear Custom Fit - Sound Amplification - (Bold Black)

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Product Description

Benefits of the Bobj Rugged Case

Bobj Rugged Case is a fabulous product. It looks like a piece of furniture and includes the advantages of a real sofa, including leg and foot rests. Of course, it isn't a genuine leather sofa so it won't be easy to use as a real one, but for those looking for an entertainment system that is not bulky and heavy, it is perfect.

The Bobj Rugged Case comes with two pillows, which are similar to those found in traditional couches. This also makes it more comfortable than a hard plastic sofa and is also ideal for those on the go.

A sofa is great for two people to share but will make the room seem too crowded, especially if there is a wide space between you and your television. A rug with additional foot and leg rests can be great for this. The extra area can make sharing easier.

A large reception area requires adequate space for standing people, such as those who are attending. A rug with nozzles on the front that look like you're sitting on big flower pots are ideal. A directional microphone placed at the bottom of the rug can help those who attend to locate the phone when they arrive.

Many home offices have a reception area where clients meet to receive and respond to marketing letters. In this case, the Bobj Rugged Case allows for a larger surface area so that there is plenty of room for text and graphics that might be on the walls.

In some offices, a reception area is provided for both personal and professional meetings. It is important that people be able to see each other, communicate with each other, and access telephone numbers, for example. Having a phone so everyone has easy access to their phonescan improve communications and efficiency in a matter of minutes.

A reception area provides additional seating and also adds seating to the smaller office spaces. With the addition of a rug with nozzles, you get more space and benefit from the comfort and ease of a couch in any room.

The reception area is also used by those who attend business meetings and seminars. Sometimes, having a lamp is nice but if your conference room has more than one, there may be a conflict. A large rug with nozzles on the sides of the room adds the additional seating that is needed for such meetings and presentations.

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There are many different types of leather couches and it seems that these days, one would be hard pressed to find a rug that has the same design and style as one made from fine or blended leather. These would appear to be more for the style conscious than for the practical. A leather rug would be perfect for these rooms.

There are times when a sofa has to be separated from a separate office areas. A rug with nozzles can help. The cushions will be able to fit under the rug, without causing an obstruction of the carpet, and the sofa will still be able to be viewed without the hassle of a rug with cushions on the floor.

This type of rug is great in any room. It is just a matter of adding the appropriate material and using a directionalmicrophone for better communications and to aid viewing of those who are attending. Any room that needs added comfort and added space can benefit from a rug with nozzles and the right carpeting style.

Product Features

Check you model number at “settings…about… model number”. Fits all Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8-inch Tablets whose model number start with “SM-T33…”. DOES NOT FIT: Tab A 8-inch (SM-T350) or Tab E 8.0 (SM-T377). Rounded and raised front bezel helps to protect the screen in a drop. Shock absorbing rounded edges and corners, includes extra camera and mic protection. Includes acoustic speaker chamber that directs the sound toward the listener, and enhances the Tab 4's great speakers. Directional microphone opening aimed toward the user reduces ambient noise. Specifically designed to accommodate all the Tab 4 ports and switches (Not for Samsung Tab 3 or earlier models.) Rugged high quality design provides greater drop protection than “skins”. Makes the Tab 4 easier to hold - Kid friendly. Easy to clean, Food Grade Silicone.