BobjGear Bobj Rugged Tablet Case for Lenovo Tab E8 TB-8304F TB-8304F1 Kid Friendly (Gotcha Green)

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Product Description

Tab E8 - A Tablet Case That Is BOBJ Rugged Tablet Case The Right Choice For You

Lenovo Tab E8 - The all-in-one machine. This is Lenovo's new tablet case that is made with the strong but light materials such as PVC and aluminum alloy, which provide an easy to carry to anyone. It also comes with a USB mini port for charging your laptop, and a large cover that will keep your tablet in one piece.

I really like this case because of the case opener that has an extended clip, allowing you to attach the handle to the front of the case. What makes this case unique is the fact that it has the tab on the front part, which makes it easy to attach the case.

The strength of the metal and plastic make this case strong and durable. If you have a tablet, then you know how heavy they are, and how tough they can be to carry with your hand. With the weight of the weight, it is easy to transport a heavy device like this on the road.

With its powerful processor, this a more powerful and versatile tablet than ever before. It has a screen, which is 16 million pixels. It has the powerful search function that will help you search and find whatever you want on the web.

With its slate, this is a perfect device for playing and watching movies and videos. It will enable you to view videos from many different devices. Since it can play many formats, you can take this with you wherever you go.

With the capabilities of the screen, this a powerful and portable electronic device that you can use with your mobile phone, or your laptop. With a full version, you will be able to enjoy its full keyboard, touch screen, stylus, and even wi-fi. This means that you will be able to surf, chat, email, and share files with your friends with this great device.

With Tab E8, you get to have a combination of great design and functional features. It has several pockets that allow you to easily store your items like your charger, USB cable, and your laptop. With the touch screen feature, you will be able to get access to the latest games, and watch movies with your friends and family.

All in all, Tab E8 offers the flexibility of being able to connect your mobile phone, or your laptop, and it can even watch movies with the touch screen feature. You will be able to do so much with this incredible case. It is built with strong yet lightweight materials.

I think that this Tab E8 case is perfect for anyone who wants to have all the benefits of having a mobile device, yet only need a small, handy, laptop case. No matter what type of person you are, you will be able to find something that fits your needs, and will protect your device in style.

With the way this Tab E8 case looks, it is almost like a stylish computer for your laptop. When you want the convenience of using your laptop, without taking it off your lap, you will be able to do so in style.

With a quality material that are lightweight, and yet durable, this is a great case for anyone to consider. This is one of the few cases that is actually designed for your laptop, while not losing the elegance of owning a laptop.

Overall, Tab E8 is a great case for any modern lifestyle. This is the ultimate combination of fashion and convenience, and you can enjoy both with this great product.

Product Features

Check your Lenovo tablet's INTERNAL MODEL NUMBER (in Settings, About, Model Number) before ordering this cover. This custom designed Bobj Cover fits like a fine glove, with every port and switch in exactly the correct place, but it FITS ONLY THE TABLET MODEL NUMBER LISTED IN THE TITLE OR IN THE BULLET POINTS, and does not fit other similar Lenovo model tablets. If your tablet has a different INTERNAL MODEL NUMBER, then you need a different Bobj Rugged Cover. Check your tablet model in “Android Settings, About Tablet, Model Number” before ordering. This Bobj Rugged Cover fits only these tablet models: Lenovo Tab E8 models TB-8304F, TB-8304F1. DOES NOT FIT OTHER SIMILAR TABLET MODELS, and does not fit any other Lenovo 8 inch tablet. DOES NOT FIT Model TB-8505F. Rugged high quality design throughout provides outstanding drop protection for daily use of your tablet. Comes in a great choice of colors, too. Advanced BobjBounces! design provides shock absorption for all edges and especially corners, while maintaining a smooth, clean look. Rounded front bezel helps to protect the screen if it is dropped screen down. Specifically designed to your tablet model ports and switches. Makes your tablet easier to hold and provides a comfortable grip. Kid friendly, easy to clean, Food Grade Silicone. Additional features of Bobj Models include custom designed acoustics that direct the sound toward the user (for rear-firing or edge-firing speakers), passive airflow cooling design, extra protection for camera, mic, and front speaker, easy use of your fingerprint reader (if your tablet has one), and easy off-screen to on-screen swipes.