BUFFALO LinkStation 220 12TB Home Office Private Cloud Storage NAS with Hard Drives Included (LS220D1202)

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Product Description

NAS storage is basically a network-attached storage (NAS) computer data storage unit attached to a host computer with the intention of providing data access among different users in a heterogeneous network. NAS is specially designed for serving large files either by the hardware or software. It can either be used as a file storage device or it may be configured to act as an application server or a file server.

nas storage

A typical NAS device has at least one hard drive and at the same time additional storage media. This storage media can include but is not limited to CDs, DVDs, VCDs, and other media devices. Many times the disks in NAS storage devices are solid state disks (SSD) and hard drives. In addition, some NAS storage devices provide an added layer of security with physical access to the data disks through physical interfaces like the USB ports.

A file server is a server that is specifically designed for providing high level storage access. File servers provide file storage as well as other services like web based file management and administration and can be placed virtually anywhere in the premises.

The advantage of file servers is that they enable the file servers to provide access to large volumes of files with a simple user interface and the ability to store many users' data on a single disk. However, file servers can also provide high availability features in case of a disaster, such as the crash of a central server or network crash.

Another feature of NAS is that it allows you to run many applications with a single server. This is because NAS enables you to install multiple software applications on one or more file servers, which can be used for the purposes of file sharing and data access.

File servers and application servers are normally installed in separate servers but in some NAS units, they can be installed together. You should always ensure that your NAS unit is located in a secured environment because any physical access to the networked computers may lead to unauthorized access to your network. Also, ensure that you are using an authenticated network for accessing the NAS units.

Another important feature of NAS is that it allows you to securely store your sensitive data on NAS devices. You can set the limits for how much storage space and bandwidth you want to use on a per NAS device. and this will help you keep track of your data on a regular basis.

Some of the most common types of NAS are the CD-based NAS, which are less expensive than the traditional hard drives but still provide the same benefits. NAS also offers various other benefits such as greater security. If you need more security than that offered by the built-in hard drives, you may have to buy a dedicated NAS for that. NAS provides you the option of using encryption technology so that even if your computer system gets hacked, the contents of your files are safe.

The other major type of NAS is the NFS-based NAS. This is basically an ordinary file server, but it has some additional benefits. NFS-based NAS is ideal for use on a network in places where the main network is not available for data access. Also, they offer improved performance as compared to NAS-based solutions, because NFS is not as sensitive as the file server and the entire network infrastructure is not required to support the NAS solution.

You can choose a NAS based on the operating system you want to use, which means you can choose between Windows, Linux, or UNIX based NAS. as an example. NAS devices may also offer you the ability to configure it remotely which helps you make it accessible from various locations, either from remote offices or from a network at your workplace.

In some cases, you can also choose to purchase a virtualized storage system which can be customized according to your specific needs and requirements. This is similar to the virtualization provided by NFS, except that it is not based on physical storage. Virtualized NAS can be configured on the Internet or in a virtualized environment.

Virtualized NAS is especially useful when you want to have more storage space than what is provided by the built-in hard drives. Virtualized NAS devices are not vulnerable to hardware failure, which is why it can be used for remote access.

Product Features

Budget-friendly DLNA-ready NAS device with Hard Drives included Entry-class personal cloud access and share your content anytime anywhere over the Internet Easy to set up plug into your router for instant network access Consolidate storage and backup your PC & Mac computers Stream videos and photos to your DLNA/UPnP connected devices Built-in Bit Torrent client for simplified file downloading and management 12 TB Total capacity – 2 Drive Bays ships in RAID 1 = 6 TB usable capacity Easy to use with your smartphone or tablet devices - No computer needed TAA compliant - Made in Japan Compatible Devices: PC, Mac, Android, Apple IOS