Cherrry for Walmart Onn 10.1 inch Tablet Case, Heavy Duty Shockproof Dropproof Hybrid Rugged Armor with Kickstand Full Body Protective Case for Walmart Onn 10.1(Model ONA19TB003) (Red/Black)

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Huggable Tablet Case Review

Retailers at Walmart, Target, Sears, JC Penney, and Walgreens are heavily promoting their new tablet cases and tablet compartments with various special offers. One of the most intriguing offers is the Huggable Tablet Case. The case has an easy-close, five-pocket design. On the inside are many useful pockets such as travel Pouch, business Pouch, and software Pouch.

The product will be produced for tablet compartments that can easily be removed. On the outside, there are metal casings that can hold up to ten devices. You can store up to nine devices inside a Huggable Tablet Case.

These tablets can be secured in the molded casing by using a textured plastic. You can also choose between plastic or rubber coating.

The case is designed in Hybride Lightweight Cordura. This case is lightweight and very durable. It is manufactured with Nylon Webbing, the same material used in parachute harnesses. The Case is outfitted with a padded laptop compartment, one with a zipper closure and a second with zip closure.

The cases are equipped with seven pockets for the various types of devices you want to carry and display quality. Two smaller pockets are available for user's accessories. You can attach the products that you want to take with you. These compartments have the ability to accommodate two of the most popular devices out there: a small camera or a flip-out stand.

This case is compatible with the touch screen tablet compartments and tablets that include a built-in stand. The Huggable Tablet Case also includes a pocket that can house a camera or a tablet. This is a good item for traveling. The case has been featured by publications like Consumer Reports, National Geographic, Woman's Day, and Zagat.

The Huggable Tablet Case offers three different covers that protect the tablet compartment. The three models are a three-pocket model, a three-panel model, and a three-panel, seven-pocket model. These cases are made from a lightweight cotton, nylon, or suede fabric. You can choose from a solid color, a contrasting color, or a pattern.

It comes with a unique comforter that covers the tablet compartment. Some of the cotton fabrics include a polyester micro-fiber cover, a micro-fiber cover, or a high-density polyester cover. This case also comes with soft pillow-soft cotton sheets that are tacked down inside the protective pocket. The convertible cover allows you to fold it into a travel version to put on your bed.

The tablet case has a vinyl exterior that is UV stabilized. It is water-resistant to IP67 level of protection. It has a storage tray that is equipped with a locking mechanism. There is a pocket for a device that can fit into the Laptop Sleeve with a pocket on the interior of the case.

There is a strong zipper that is breathable. The interior of the case has pockets that make for convenient compartments. You can put your devices in the laptop sleeve to protect your hands from contact with them. The pocket is equipped with a short zipper and two long zippers that will allow you to keep your tablet protected.

This case is not cheap but it is worth the price. It has so many compartments, that you can use it for all kinds of devices. It is a perfect way to use the space on your desk or nightstand.

When comparing this case to other tablet cases, you may find a lot of differences. As a matter of fact, there are many opinions about the competition and products and whether or not it is worth the money. If you have a small tablet that you use for entertainment, a portable tablet case would be a great investment.

Product Features

[Compatibility] - Perfect design for Walmart Onn 10.1 Inch Tablet.Allows easy access to all buttons, controls and ports without removing the case. [3 in 1 Design] - High Quality Non-toxic soft silicone and dual layer rugged PC bumper case.Three layer structure provide provide excellent protection against drop, bump and shock. Absolutely for school and Kids Friendly. [Kickstand Function:] - Build in Kickstand for hands-free typing and watching movie.You can get 2 angles from it by using it horizontally or vertically. [User Friendly Design] - The Case back is non-slip, providing a good grip for easy carrying.Raised Lips provide extra protection for the screen and camera.Port covers prevent dust and debris from accumulating. [Service Guarantee] - Based in Brooklyn, New York, we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the product you received, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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