Cooper Trooper 2K Rugged Case for 10-10.4'' Tablet | Tough Bumper Protective Drop Shock Proof Kids Holder

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Product Description

Cooper Shoulder Protective Carrying Straps

There are three types of Cooper Shoulder Protective Carrying Straps to choose from. Each one is designed to be used for a specific type of use.

Cooper trooper

The basic shoulder strap is the most common. It consists of a two-way clip that fastens to the front of the shoulder and is either Velcro or buckles. The Velcro strap is great for those who like a little more control over how they wear their jacket. The buckles are great for those who want to be able to quickly unclip the strap if it gets caught in something. This type of strap will generally fit a person's shoulder to the front should not hang over the side of the shoulder.

A double Velcro strap is a little bit different than the single version above. It has a zipper which helps keep the buckle out of the way. These straps will work on the shoulder but they may not be as good as the single version due to the zipper, which could cause the buckle to be visible.

The last type is the shoulder bag strap. This strap is designed to hold up a person's messenger style shirt which has no collars. This shoulder bag strap comes with a detachable shoulder pad. A detachable shoulder pad will keep the shoulder pad from touching the shoulder, which could cause irritation to people. It is also great because it allows for an easy exit if the bag is dropped.

The three shoulder protective carrying straps will all work to protect a person's shoulder. They are designed to fit a person's shoulder so that it does not hang over the side of the shoulder. They can also fit over the top of a jacket or over the top of a coat so that a person will not have to worry about their shoulder being trapped while trying to stuff it into the pockets of a jacket.

If you are looking for the most comfortable and most versatile shoulder protective carrying strap, then you may want to look into the double Velcro type of shoulder bag strap. They offer the ability to wear your shoulder pads in conjunction with your shoulder bag without any problems because they will stay on top of your shoulder even when you are not wearing your shoulder pad.

The double shoulder bag strap will not only keep your shoulder bag from hanging off your shoulder but it will keep the shoulder pad from rubbing. against the shoulder. This makes the shoulder bag very easy to take on and off. This type of shoulder strap is the easiest to take care of and will not cause irritation to the skin.

You do need to make sure that you purchase a shoulder bag strap which fits well. so that the shoulder pad does not rub when you are wearing the shoulder pad because this could cause discomfort to you.

Another thing that you need to make sure of when purchasing the shoulder bag strap is to make sure that it will be durable enough to stand up to the elements. The bag should be able to stand up to rain and the elements for the length of time that you want to use it.

Another important feature of the shoulder protective carrying strap is that it should be able to keep the bag secure. if you are going on an outdoor trip where you may have to use the shoulder bag for protection then you should purchase a shoulder bag strap that has a locking mechanism in the bottom. so that it will be safe to use even if the bag is dropped. by an unexpected gust of wind.

When you are using your shoulder bag as a shoulder bag strap, it is a good idea to buy a shoulder strap, which is padded and will offer you the added comfort that you need. The padded shoulder strap should fit snugly over your shoulder to help provide adequate support to your shoulders. It is also important to get one with a strong and sturdy Velcro closure.

With a proper shoulder bag strap you can protect your shoulders while being able to carry your belongings comfortably. It will also make your bag more versatile so that you can carry more than one item on your shoulder without it falling off your shoulder.

Product Features

UNIVERSAL DESIGN TO FIT 10-10.5 INCH TABLETS - designed to fit any tablet with 10'' to 10.5'' inch screen. Easy to grip silicon body frame with reinforced corners stretch from 6.50'' to 7.50'' width (165-190 mm) & 9.50'' to 10.40'' length (241-264 mm). Provides easy access to all ports, buttons, speakers, front and rear camera. Tough, sturdy, strong, shock absorbing, indestructible - this high resistant rugged tablet case is your best case scenario for everyday use. HEAVY DUTY, DROP PROOF, RUGGED PROTECTOR - the improved Cooper Trooper 2K has 100% durable rubberized silicon body for ultimate shockproof protection. Its innovative ''one size fits all'' single piece shell frame protects all sides of the tablet & features impact resistant bumper corners. The screen is padded with raised bezel to give your tablet the protection it deserves. REMOVABLE SHOULDER STRAP & BUILT-IN STAND - comes with adjustable, detachable & expandable shoulder strap. Attach straps to any two holes to carry your device vertically or horizontally like a messenger bag / neck bag / sling / harness or holster. Includes adjustable stand / kickstand for hands free protected screen display. You can even strap mount it to car headrest for back seat entertainment! IDEAL FOR WORK, OUTDOORS, SCHOOL, HOUSEHOLDS, SPECIAL NEEDS & KIDS - One case to rule them all? This case is made of 100% non-toxic, easy to wash silicon that can be easily removed to clean. It comes in business black, military (camoflage), pink, blue to match any child, toddler, boys, girls, teen, man or woman of all ages! Tough, sturdy, strong, shock absorbing, indestructible - this high resistant rugged tablet case is your best case scenario for everyday use. RISK-FREE PROMISE - If this case doesn't protect your tablet from drops, doesn't save you money in repairs, doesn't make your device model simpler to carry or doesn't make you worry less, then you are entitled for a full 100% refund - no questions asked! All stock shipped from UK. Next day delivery available with Express shipping (excl. remote areas).