Dell Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme Tablet Case, BoxWave [SoftSuit with Pocket] Soft Pouch Cover w/Sleeve for Dell Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme Tablet - Jet Black with Blue Trim

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Product Description

SOFT POUCH CO Tablet Case Review

The Tablet Case from SOFT POUCH CO is a great piece of laptop storage. It is quite possibly the strongest laptop case available, but it's also made of high quality materials. I love the idea of having my laptop completely protected in a case that looks so good!

The Tablet Case from SOFT POUCH CO comes with a soft pouch for your laptop, which is attached to the inside of the case. A zipper at the top of the case allows easy access to all of the ports and slots.

There are two zippers: one at the top of the case and another that you slide up behind the LCD monitor. Both zippers make it easy to open the Tablet Case. It has a nice, smooth opening which is reinforced using memory wire.

I own the SOFT POUCH CO Tablet Case Latitude. I like the way that the case looks and feels. I like the buttons on the inside of the case, which can be adjusted by pulling out a spring or plastic rod. It makes it really easy to change the "home" position.

You can use the latitude case, which is a lanyard, around your neck. This means that you can take the laptop anywhere. You won't have to worry about your laptop getting wet because it's already securely placed in the case. You can even slide your laptop in and out easily and you won't lose it!

I really like the front panel of the case. There are multiple pockets for the ports and slots on the back of the tablet. I like the amount of space on the inside of the case, which is why I chose the SOFT POUCH CO case. You will be able to slip in your batteries, mouse, headphones, chargers, and other accessories.

There are several reviews on the Latitude 7212 case. It's a very high quality product. However, if you do purchase it, remember that the warranty does not cover damages caused by accidents such as dropping, mishandling, and other misuses.

I also want to tell you about another quality product: the tablet accessory pack included with the Latitude 7212 case. It comes with additional iPad carrying cases, screen protectors, an iPhone carrying case, and a USB cable. It's a great little kit and you'll be able to carry a bunch of useful gadgets with you everywhere.

When I am carrying my tablet case and keyboard, I like to have a magnetic keyboard holder to keep it close to me. I use this keyboard holder when I am typing on my lap.

I recently purchased the Tablet Case from SOFT POUCH CO called the Tablet Latitude and am extremely pleased with the case. I use it as a tablet case. I have to admit that I was a little nervous when I first bought it, but the case makes my iPad feel much more luxurious and classy.

I can't believe how well this case fits in the palm of my hand! It's amazing how many years of my life the tablet is still protecting. Not only is it stylish but it's also really comfortable to use.

I'm looking forward to buying more of the Tablet Cases from SOFT POUCH CO, because they are high quality laptop storage. I also plan to add more of the tablet accessories to my collection.

Product Features

PERFECT SIZE - Form-fitting sleeve with quick top-loading access. Perfect fit for your Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme Tablet, as well as many other tablets or laptops! Please see size information below PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION - Soft and smooth neoprene material prevents your Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme Tablet from scratches and blemishes. The high quality zippers smoothly and securely protects your Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme Tablet. Double zipper design allows you to zip any way you like! When the zippers are together, the bag is closed! The zippers are separated with lining to prevent them from getting stuck! EXTRA STORAGE - The SoftSuit with Pocket features an extra zippered front pocket, useful for carrying an extra cable, charger, or just about anything you can think of! INTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 12.7” x 9.1” x 0.4” (LxWxH) EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 13.2” x 13.2” x 0.8” (LxWxH)