Genuine Dell UN733 Wireless Bluetooth Optical Mouse With Scroll Wheel. for Desktops, Laptop, Notebook, Playstation 3 gaming console, Android Tablets

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With the popularity of the Bluetooth technology, many users prefer to use an optical mouse rather than the wireless version. It is an ideal way to add more functionality to your laptop or notebook, without having to invest in additional peripherals. The device itself is compact and lightweight, allowing you to take it on the go wherever you want to go.

This wireless mouse has a large, comfortable button pad that allows you to do more than just enter text. You can navigate the desktop quickly with a simple click of the pad. It has four buttons, including a back button that returns you to the previous page. If you're a frequent internet shopper, the large buttons are great for entering numbers. However, if you like to browse through web pages or send emails online, you will appreciate the scrolling options available to you.

The buttons are placed in easy reach so you can quickly access the functions of the mouse. If you like to browse through the web pages while driving, you will enjoy the convenient scrolling option. If you find yourself constantly surfing the web, the wireless mouse will let you quickly read your emails or read the contents of documents without using the keyboard. When you're doing something on the computer, you don't want to be having to fumble around with the mouse and the keyboard. You should be able to simply click your mouse and move through your favorite web pages without having to reach out for either.

The Dell Un733WIRELESS BLUETOOTH gives you the best of both worlds. You'll enjoy wireless connectivity and a large and comfortable button pad with plenty of scrolling capabilities. When you're browsing the web or typing text, the buttons on the laptop won't get in your way. When you're on the go, you won't have to stop using the keyboard either. The two buttons provide you with the convenience of being able to access your favorite websites and programs, even when you're on the go.

The Wireless Optical Mouse works with most Dell laptops. It comes in an attractive silver color that looks good on many models. It also has a small USB port for connecting the mouse directly into your laptop. The device connects to the laptop via a USB cable and will work with the latest model. of Dell computers.

There are many websites that offer wireless mice that are compatible with many models of the Dell computer. You can shop for a model that is compatible with your laptop and use the same wireless Bluetooth technology.

The Bluetooth function works with Dell laptops for several reasons. One is the convenience of being able to carry your computer with you wherever you go.

The Dell Un733WIRELESS BLUETOOTH is very useful when you're trying to work with your laptop. It is an easy device to use and offers you the same capabilities of a standard keyboard with the addition of a larger, comfortable button pad.

With the Dell Un733WIRELESS BLUETOOTH, there is no more need to fumble with your mouse. With the large, easily accessible button pads, you can type with ease while you travel.

Because this laptop is so useful, you may want to consider getting an upgraded version. You can upgrade to a model that includes a microphone as well as a larger, easier to operate button pad. for better comfort and convenience.

If you do choose the upgraded model of this Dell Un733WIRELESS BLUETOOTH, you will be able to use it with most any wireless notebook. major wireless devices such as laptops, computers and PDAs. The upgrade also allows you to use a Bluetooth headset for even better convenience. You'll be able to use it with other Bluetooth enabled devices as well.

You will also benefit from a number of different software programs, if you use your laptop a lot. These programs can help you manage your documents as well as your email accounts.

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Genuine Dell Premium Wireless Bluetooth Optical Mouse For any system with a bluetooth receiver 5-Buttons Scroll Wheel