Logitech Rugged Protection Combo Keyboard and Folio Case for iPad 9.7 (5th Gen) / (6th Gen) - Bulk Packaging - Navy Blue

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Product Description

The Logitech FOLIO Bluetooth Keyboard and FOLIO Case For the iPad

Logitech FOLIO Bluetooth Keyboard and FOLIO Case for iPad are an excellent choice for the Apple iPad user who wants wireless access to a keyboard and mouse, but doesn't want a bulky, clumsy laptop case. The keyboard and case are bundled together so you don't have to buy separately. The keyboard case comes with a wireless iPad, Bluetooth headphones, USB cable, USB keyboard and battery pack.

This is just a portion of what the iPad can do with Bluetooth. It has the capabilities of a laptop, just a touch smaller. The screen is almost as big as your laptop. One of the biggest advantages of the iPad is that it can be placed almost anywhere.

If you use your iPad in your lap or in your car, you can use it while you are driving. You can send your email, read your favorite web page or play games on your iPad. In some places, you can have internet at the bus stop, on your way to the park, and even in your office.

There are also the Combo Keyboard and Case for iPad that make things even better. As mentioned above, the iPad is very thin, but it still has a full sized keyboard. The key spacing is comfortable for you and your fingers. The keyboard and case are perfect for carrying from your home to your office.

The FOLIO is very flexible for your iPad. There is no need to worry about keeping it out of reach of children. The Logitech FOLIO iPad keyboard is padded for safe handling.

One of the disadvantages of wireless keyboards is the fact that they don't have a way to recharge them. With a traditional keyboard, you just carry it around with you or plug it into your computer. When you are done using it, it has to be plugged into a wall outlet.

The FOLIO Bluetooth Keyboard and FOLIO iPad case offer a charging system for both devices. For the iPad, it comes with an adapter that will allow you to charge it whenever you get the battery out. The charger is small, easy to use and portable.

The FOLIO Bluetooth Keyboard and FOLIO iPad case work with a combination of Windows and Mac computers. It takes just a few minutes to set up the connection between the FOLIO iPad case and your computer. It is also easy to use the combination keyboard and case.

It took just a few minutes to connect the FOLIO Bluetooth Keyboard and FOLIO iPad case to my iPad. I didn't have to worry about fumbling with the adapter or navigating to my computers Internet settings. Just plug the combo keyboard and case into your computer. It all takes about five minutes.

Once the connection is established, the FOLIO Wireless Keyboard and FOLIO iPad case work just like any other keyboard and mouse. One click of a button, and your keyboard and mouse are connected to your computer. You can easily use your wireless keyboard and mouse. You can control Windows, find the web, play games and other common tasks.

I found that I am more productive using my iPad in my lap, driving or in my car. The combination keyboard and case allow me to continue using my iPad without worrying about keeping it protected. If I leave it in my office, or in my hotel room, I can use my iPad while I am driving. This isn't possible with my old school keyboard and mouse. When I am done using the FOLIO iPad case, the batteries are all fully charged.

For a very reasonable price, you can purchase a Bluetooth keyboard and case for your iPad that provides you with more convenience. The combination keyboard and case will help you enjoy wireless access to a keyboard and mouse.

Product Features

Compatible with iPad 6th Generation 9.7 inch tablet - 5th Gen (2017 - A1822 and A1823) and 6th Gen (2018 - A1893 and A1954) ONLY iPad 9.7 case designed in partnership with Apple exclusively for Students and Business Professionals - Ultra Rugged Protection - Protects from bumps, dirt and drops. Logitech Keyboard Case features advanced technology power directly from iPad via Apple smart connector so no Bluetooth and no charging needed - Featuring detachable keyboard for ultimate flexibility. Dedicated row of iOS shortcut keys for one-tap to home, screen brightness adjustment, search, language switch, keyboard backlighting adjustment, media controls, volume controls, iPad on/off sleep/wake - 4 Use Screen Modes: Type, View in Landscape, View in Portrait, Read Travel. New in Bulk Packaging and 100% Authentic