MOBILEDEMAND Flex-10A Windows 10 Tablet | Intel Core 10 Inch Tablet Military Grade Rugged Tablet & Drop Tested Case 8-Hour Li-Ion Battery Tablet Computer 1280x800 4GB-RAM 64GB-HD 5MP-Camera

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Product Description

MOBILEDEMAND FLEX-10A Lithium Ion Battery

The MVPBILEDEMAND FLEX-10A Lithium Ion Battery is made by Mitsubishi. It is made for military use and the device can be used to recharge a cell phone, keep a GPS or even run a computer.

In addition, it is relatively safe, reliable and quite versatile. Because of these, it is being used by the UK armed forces, NASA and the U.S. Marines.

These portable computers have been used by many soldiers in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and have been seen on television. Many are portable enough to carry on long hikes, boats and other water-related activities. They also run on a three-phase AC, two-cell design.

This type of lithium-ion battery runs on a smaller, more power-efficient battery, which means that the tablet computer will be able to handle long-term battery life without having to be charged as often. The system has a simple power button and enables the user to turn the screen off, even with a dead battery. In addition, the tablets are capable of switching between eight hours of talk time and eight hours of internet browsing time.

These devices are not just ideal for a tablet computer, they are also excellent for laptops. These batteries can be plugged into laptop ports as well. Many are even compatible with tablets made by Dell and Sony.

Tablets are the ultimate cell phone accessories. The tablets can be powered by cell phones or even laptops. These batteries offer more than just convenience. They offer safety and security.

These devices are used for a variety of reasons in the United Kingdom. These include assisting in tracking injured soldiers, allowing pilots to change and monitor their orbits, allowing pilots to monitor weather patterns, and allowing car drivers to check on their cell phone service. These devices have even helped to locate missing people.

Because of the security features that this type of battery offers, many governments have classified it as military grade. They are used by the armed forces in the United Kingdom. It is not safe to use on children or even women.

These batteries have been designed to provide all the features of a tablet computer without the hassles of installation. They can be used on PCs or laptops as well as the tablets and there is no fear of dangerous shock. They can be used in homes or in vehicles.

These devices also help to make texting and calling from a cell phone safe. It makes things much more convenient for the user. It also makes driving more enjoyable.

These devices allow the user to utilize a cell phone or even a tablet computer. There is no need to worry about expensive upgrades or special terminals. These devices are safe, easy to use and enable people to do more than they ever imagined possible.

These rugged utility batteries are very versatile. They are used by those in the United Kingdom, NASA and the United States. When used correctly, they can be used by anyone, anywhere and without problems.

Product Features

???? FIRST RESPONDERS RUGGED TABLET CHOICE - Police, Fire, Paramedic, Search & Rescue, Emergency Services professionals love this 10 Inch Tablet. Proven rugged protective?case and screen protector are MIL-STD-810G certified tested by dropping the tablet 10 inch 26 times from 4 feet to plywood over concrete. ???? HIGH PERFORMANCE SCREEN - Easy to see and read 10.1" 1280x800 display with 5800mAh li-ion battery lasts up to?6?hours?. Unlike cheap tablets MobileDemand supplies professionals with the highest grade and lab-tested visual experience in a 10 tablet. ?????MILITARY GRADE PERFORMANCE - Tough rugged tablet can handle construction job sites and emergency weather conditions. Intel Quad-Core processing and easy to use Windows 10 tablet is why we are the first choice with our Patriate Teams. ???? MOUNTING AND CARRYING READY - Easy to carry and hold?10 Inch Tablet with convenient detachable briefcase handle plus back hand strap. Mountable provided snap-mount plate allows for easy mounting to vehicles, counters, walls, etc.?Compatible with RAM mounting solutions. ????? WIFI BLUETOOTH - 802.11abg, Bluetooth. ?? WARNING Flex 10A supports WPA2 protocol, not compatible with older generation WIFI security protocols. Contact MobileDemand for details.