NGFF M.2 NVMe SSD Convert Adapter Card for Upgrade MacBook Air 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 and Mac Pro Retina 2013 2014 2015, NVMe AHCI SSD Upgraded Kit for A1465 A1466 A1398 A1502

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Product Description

Why NVMe Accelerated Kit?

The NVMe accelerated kit combines the NVMe module and the adapter in one device. This device is flexible and enables you to perform various tasks efficiently. It is capable of managing not only drives but also PCIe cards and SATA ports.

There are certain key components of the NVMe accelerated kit. These include an integrated controller, a USB controller, a VME card, a high-speed Ethernet controller, and the NVMe controller. It is the adapter of these components that makes the whole device.

Adapter. It is the component that initiates the data transfer. It fetches data from the host and stores it in the NVMe interface. It performs the role of a buffer between the host and the user.

Adapters allow the proper management of PCIe and SATA devices. It is the key component of the NVMe AHCI SSD UPGRADED KIT. It manages all the components of the AHCI interface. It does this through an OMD flash driver. After this, it runs the software.

Adapter supports both IDE and SCSI interface. It can be operated with various adapters such as IDE, ATA, SATA, and Parallel ATA. You can use a variety of flash and controllers.

Adapter supports the basic operations of both IDE and SCSI. It can manage all drives that are within the IDE interface. In addition, it can manage all the drives that are within the SCSI interface.

Adapter supports both NVRAM and CDRW. If you use the adapter for the NVMe interface, it can support all the disk devices. However, you need to use the adapter if you use the adapter for the SATA interface. Then it will support all the disks that are within the SATA interface.

Attachments. You can utilize adapters to support RAID arrays. You can use it for data migration.

Attachments are divided into two categories. They are the PCIe and SATA adapters. The PCIe adapters and the SATA adapters support all the drives. You can use these adapters for the non-volatile storage devices. In addition, they support the task of converging the drive and the APIC.

Adapter includes an integrated controller and a USB controller. The USB controller connects to the host and delivers power to the drives. Then it connects to the host.

Attachments allow you to manage the various drives. It lets you keep track of all the drives that are in the AHCI interface. With the adapter, you can provide a faster access to the NVMe interface.

Adapter supports the UDF, SCSI, IDE, NVMe, SAS, Parallel ATA, and NVRAM. It is also supported by the AHCI UDF. With the adapter, you can perform various tasks that would require a fast and secure data transfer.

Product Features

[NVME SSD Adapter] - This NVMe SSD convert adapter is DIY kit for assembling a upgraded SSD replacement for MacBook with large capacity NVMe SSD [High Performance] - Used to upgrade your storage capacity, perfect for tech enthusiasts, high-end gamers, 4K & 3D content designers [Applicable SSD Hard Drive] - ONLY support PCIe NVMe based based M Key and B+M Key SSD (NVMe & AHCI), such as Adata NVMe SSD: SX6000, SX7000, SX8200, SX8200 Pro etc, Corsair : MP500, MP510, Crucial: P1, HP: ex920, ex950. Intel NVMe SSD: 600p, 660p, 760p, Toshiba XG3-XG4-XG5-XG5p-XG6 line, Samsung: 960 Evo, 960 Pro, 970 Evo, 970 Pro, WD: v1, v2 and v3, MyDigital: SBX - BPX. NOT support any SATA based SSD [Support System] - It is compatible with MacBook Air 11 “A1465 & MacBook Air 13” A1466 (Mid 2013-2017), MacBook Pro (Retina) 13 “ A1502 & 15" A1398 (Late 2013 - Mid 2015), Mac Pro ME253 MD878 [Please Note] - Require Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra or Later; DO NOT compatible with earlier than Mac OS 10.13 versions; DO NOT support Samsung 970 Evo Plus, PM981, 950 Pro. Please use your original SSD to upgrades your Mac OS before installation