Onn Ten Tablet - Great For All Ages

The Onn 10.1 Android tablet with detachable keyboard offers fast performance wherever you go on a thin, lightweight body with an ergonomic design. The tablet includes a large, illuminated screen and comes equipped with many of the most popular programs like Google Play and Netflix. The tablet comes with a battery life that will last for up to eight hours while other tablets are known to last only four hours or less. The screen has a viewing angle that enables it to be viewed from multiple directions so you do not need to be looking at your tablet all the time.


The onn ten.1 tablet includes a high-resolution touch screen with a two-toned textured surface. The touch screen is designed to be resistant to accidental touches that can occur when you are typing on a keyboard. The Onn ten.1 features a multi-touch display. This multi-touch display enables users to navigate through various menus, games, and other functions with just one touch. The touch screen allows you to easily perform the common functions like flipping pages and opening the browser with just one swipe.


The onn ten.1 tablet uses a stylus to input text and other input commands. The stylus is also capable of multitasking. The onn ten.1 has been designed with the most current Android technologies. The tablet has a built-in battery pack that is rated for up to five hours of screen time on a full charge. The built-in battery pack features a large, touch-sensitive display that allows you to navigate through your apps with only one finger.


The touch screen on the onn ten.1 is also larger than other tablets in its category and is designed with a large enough screen that you can see everything clearly with just one touch. The size and weight of the onn ten.1 are perfect for students who want a device that can be carried around in class while they study. The larger screen is ideal for people who want to be able to view their email, browse the Internet, play games, watch movies and videos, and even listen to music.


The Onn ten.1 also features a headphone jack to provide you with a constant listening source while you are on the go. The microphone allows you to adjust the volume of your voice. while listening to a call. The phone also comes equipped with an integrated GPS navigation system that features a virtual compass that gives you a waypoint map of the area where you are in so that you do not need to constantly check your direction.


The onn ten.1 tablet runs on Google Android, a widely used operating system for smartphones and tablets. The tablet is designed to run applications designed by popular developers like Angry Birds, YouTube, Waze, Google Maps, Yelp and others. It also comes with an extensive range of other apps that are also designed by leading mobile game designers. Some of the top games in the market include Angry Birds, Bubble Witch Saga, Mafia Wars, and Temple Run.


The onn ten.1 tablet has a backlit touch screen that makes it easy to view texts and documents even in low-light environments. You can access the keyboard with just a few swipes and even hold the keyboard in front of the tablet to use it for making presentations. The onn ten.1 also comes with an enhanced camera and a speaker check for onn tablet case


If you are looking for a portable and easy-to-use tablet, then the onn ten.1 tablet might be just what you are looking for. With the many great features this tablet offers and the many exciting applications that are available, it is no wonder that the onn ten.1 tablet is one of the most popular and best tablets on the market. Take the time to check out the different models to find one that fits in well with your lifestyle.