OWC 1TB Envoy Pro Elektron USB-C Portable NVMe SSD

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For laptop users who are looking out for the top laptops in the market these days, a look at the various capacities as well as speeds of the laptops will certainly be helpful. There is a large array of sizes, speeds and capacities available for the laptop users to choose from. This makes it possible for laptop buyers to compare the different models easily. Here is a list of the top 10 best laptops with NVMe SSD that can help you make your choice when looking for a laptop.


10. Samsung Chromebook - The Samsung Chromebook comes as one of the latest and most affordable laptops with an SSD (self-explanatory as the SSD means Solid State Drive). As the name suggests, SSDs have considerably faster speed and endurance than traditional HDD laptops.

9. Apple MacBook Pro - The best laptop in the market according to most reviews is the MacBook Pro and that is mainly because of its high-end design as well as the excellent battery life and the cool features that have been integrated in the laptop. The MacBook Pro is powered by a quad core i5 processor and it has full HD (1280 x 720) display.

8. Asus ZenBook - It has all the features that you would expect from a laptop and this is one of the best laptops in the market that can cater for all your computer needs. It has two high performance 2.5 inch screen, four gigabytes of memory and also solid-state drives which help you to increase the computer's speed. It has a neat look with a stylish aluminum body. It is powered by an Intel Core i5 dual core processor and has two gigs of ram.

7. Asus Vigor - The other laptop that features solid state drives is the Asus Vigor. It also has plenty of features like a big screen, eight gigs of memory, speedy processor and plenty of video features. The only downside of this laptop is its power consumption, which is a little bit on the high side.

6. Apple MacBook Air - This is probably one of the best laptops in the market that can be used for both home and business computing. It features the latest dual core i7 processors, four gigabytes of ram, and nVidia series cards. It comes with two USB ports, one optical and one USB port and has a two-lane slot for the Gigabit ethernet driver. The keyboard dock can be used to charge the laptop's battery.

5. Fujitsu laptops - The Fujitsu laptops are ideal for multimedia editing or business work. They have a sleek design with aluminum finish. It comes with two gigabit Ethernet, four USB 2.0 external drives, and two gigabit internal drives.

4. Toshiba satellite series - You can find among the laptops from this brand the Toshiba satellite series. It has an aluminum body with a keyboard dock. It has two gigabit Ethernet, eight USB 2.0 external drives, and three-wheel digital camera.

3. Philipips-head small notebook - If you're looking for a small laptop that still provides decent performance, the Philipips-head small notebook is one of your options. It has a full sized keyboard and a touchpad. It also comes with a nine-hour battery life.

2. HP pavilion notebook - The HP pavilion notebook has all of the standard features available in a HP product. It has a quad-core Intel i7 processor, four gigs of ram, a terabyte hard drive, and a high-speed mouse. It also features a neat little security feature called HP Netcape Protection. It comes with a five-year warranty and it is only about two pounds and thirteen inches long.

These laptops offer many features that will make life easier for you. You can find laptops with all sorts of different types of processors and different amounts of ram. The best thing about these laptops is that they all use the same technology, such as the NVMe sSD. NVMe sSD is an advanced form of Solid State Drives that offer much faster write speeds than traditional hard disks. Laptops that come with NVMe sSD tend to have very fast speeds and use less power than their regular hard disk counterparts.

Product Features

Super-fast for all: save, backup, and edit personal and work files with up to 1011MB/s real-world performance OWC Aura SSD powered: advanced NVMe technology delivers up to twice as fast performance compared to other portable SSDs Universally compatible: Plug and play with Thunderbolt and USB Macs or PCs as well as devices like the iPad Pro and Chromebooks Built like a tank: Crushproof, dustproof and waterproof IP67 rated / pocket-sized to go anywhere easily Cool: heat dissipating aircraft-grade aluminum housing for silent, throttle-free performance