USB Surge Protector Smart 3 Outlet and 4 USB Port Charger with 5ft Extension Power Cord 1250W 100-240V Phone, Computer, Transformers

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What Are The Many Benefits Of Using A Surge Protector?

If you want to have a surge protection system for your computers, you must choose the right USB surge Protector. A surge suppressor is needed to protect your expensive computer system. The surge suppression can be effective in reducing electrical surge and prevent damages or loss of electronic equipments. You need a high quality and reliable surge suppressor.


What is surge protection? It is basically a technology that has been developed to reduce electricity surges by blocking any unwanted electrical flow within a network. As a result, you will not suffer the consequences of electricity surge in your home.

There are many varieties of surge protectors. Most surge protectors are available in different sizes, which you can select according to the space availability in your home or office. A USB surge suppressor with extra ports is useful if you need to install more devices such as DVD drives, scanners, video game consoles, or other media devices that are usually connected through the USB port of your computer.

When buying a surge suppressor for your computer, always buy one that has all the ports needed to effectively protect all of your USB gadgets. There are different types of surge suppressors with different number of ports; the important factor is that it should provide the right amount of protection for your computer system.

Do not forget to check the power strip that is included in your surge suppressor. Some of them are equipped with the power strip to ensure that it does not cause any damages on your electronic devices. Before you buy your surge suppressor, make sure to check whether your power strip is sufficient to handle the current draw of your system.

Before buying your power strip, check the size first. There are different sizes available, ranging from the smallest ones to the largest ones. You can also find surge suppressors that have additional slots in the power strip so you can connect various USB gadget to the same device, allowing you to maximize the power supplied to your system. Choose the size that is suitable with the device that you want to use.

If you are looking for a high quality suppressor, you should opt for one that provides protection against surge, static, short circuits, and ESD (Electro-Dissip. damage.

Once you have selected the proper surge suppressor for your home or office, you can install the devices to ensure the protection of your gadgets. Just remember to set the correct voltage at each device to ensure the security of your electronics.

To protect all your devices, it is recommended to use a surge protector that is capable of protecting your entire network. Remember, some devices may be protected by their own surge suppressors, while others can benefit from a single surge protector.

The surge protector can only protect your computer. Do not expect it to protect all of your USB gadgets. It is recommended that you choose a surge protector that covers the largest number of devices in your home or office, especially if there is more than one USB device connected to your computer system.

When buying a surge protector, always look for a surge suppressor with different functions. For example, some of them include a fuse to protect the battery from overheating. And a surge suppressor with an LED indicator to let you know when the computer is under water.

Another feature of a good surge protector is its ability to detect surges that are caused by power spikes. This will prevent your computer from getting damaged.

You can also consider buying surge protectors that come with different plugs and cables. The plug allows you to connect the device directly into your computer. If you are using your computer in multiple places, you can also choose one that will allow you to connect other devices that use the USB port.

Product Features

?Multi Outlets USB Power Strip?-3 AC Plug supply max 1250W (110V-250V 10A)+ 4 USB charging ports for iPhone Xs/XS MAX/X/8 Plus/8/7 Plus/7, iPad, Kindle, Samsung Note 7/Galaxy s7 and other USB powered devices. ?Compact Size For Carry?- This slim desktop charger features 4 USB charging ports, saving you from plugging multiple charging cube, now you can charge all your devices on tabletop - your laptop, lamp, mobile phone or tablet. ?One-Button Control Switch? - You can manually control USB and outlets of this tabletop power board, no need to plug and unplug the strip anymore. The small indicator light lets you know the power is active while does not cause bright light in the dark. ?All in one Protection?3 Surge Protected Outlets - 1700 Joules of surge protection rating to protect home and office computers, electronics, and home theater equipment. Thanks to built-in over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit. Products are FCC, Rohs certified. Fire-resistance PC shell,100% copper wire and overload protection. Built-in high-quality components, enhanced circuitry and fireproof housing keep you and your devices safe with multiple protections. ?Reliable Warranty & Money-Back Guarantee?18 Month Warranty and Lifetime Support Provided Directly, 30-DAY refund guarantee and 24H/7 fulltime customer service.