QNAP TS-873-8G 8 Bay NAS with AMD R-Series Quad-core 2.1GHz, and Four 1GbE Ports

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Product Description

A few years back, when it comes to hard drives, most of us could back up our files to a NAS drive. However, over time, things have changed and more people have found themselves in need of a NAS backup drive system.

nas backup drive

There was a problem, of course, that was created by the introduction of NAS, which is now known as a network attached storage (NAS). People began losing valuable information and having to pay quite a bit of money to recover it.

One way that the problem was solved was by making the NAS portable and this meant that you could put it on just about any type of computer. This gave people a little bit of hope, but not a whole lot.

The next step was to try and make backup drives portable as well, but this didn't really solve the problem either. It would appear that no matter how you tried, people were still losing data to NAS, and so, they decided to do what they can to prevent it from happening. They began working to make the NAS less susceptible to hacking attacks, and they also worked to make it as hard as possible to steal data from a NAS backup drive.

This, of course, has made many people very angry. They feel that they've done nothing wrong by having a NAS drive, and that anyone who doesn't like the way they're doing things is just looking out for themselves.

If you're one of those people who's always had a desire to have a NAS, but never considered one, here's what you should know: most companies that make NAS are actually pretty big. They've got a very good reputation for doing business and making sure that their products are safe and secure.

The people who make the NAS have made the hard work of securing the information of their clients very easy by designing a system that allows for the use of passwords. That way, only the person who needs it can access their files, and no one else.

This means that someone who has access to your NAS drive is unable to steal anything from it, and that they can't access your files because they have a password on there. In fact, that password protects your files from other people, even if they get on your NAS drive.

Even more important than the password protect your files is the fact that NAS allows you to create backups of everything that you store on there. When a person gets into your NAS drive, they're unable to access your data because they have the password protecting it.

There are many NAS backup programs that allow for the creation of a backup to be made, and then a backup to be made at a later date. This makes the system that much more reliable, because it means that you're not losing data to a broken disk or a virus.

A NAS backup drive can't protect your data if you're not backing up to it, though. That's why it's important to keep a backup of everything you use for personal use.

NAS is something that many people find very useful and one that they use on a regular basis. That being said, there are some people who don't like using them because they feel that their NAS drive is just too large and takes up a lot of space, or that there is a security issue because of their size.

While that may be true, that's not always true. There are other reasons why people may want to have NAS, and if they really need the extra space on a computer, they can make use of another type of backup. There are other types of devices that can do the job just as well as a NAS.

Product Features

Amd RX-421ND 2. 13. 4 GHz, 4GB DDR4 RAM, 8x 2. 5"/3. 5" + 2x M. 2 2280/2260 SATA 6GB/s drives, 4x GbE LAN, optional 10GbE PCIe expansion Two PCIe Gen3 x4 Slots support QM2 cards, 10GbE adapters, or wireless network cards Supports the NVIDIA GeForce GT1030 Graphics card, allowing for 4K video transcoding and output Dual M. 2 SATA 6 Gb/s SSD slots allow for setting up caching or storage pools, improving file access efficiency Snapshots fully record system status and data. If files are accidentally deleted or modified, you can quickly restore the data from a snapshot