Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD 500GB - M.2 NVMe Interface Internal Solid State Drive with V-NAND Technology (MZ-V7S500B/AM)

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Product Description

Samsung 970EVO PLUS Mobile Data Card - A Better Solution For Business Users

The Samsung 970 EVO PLUS mobile data card offers plenty of benefits for the enterprise users who are on the lookout for the most cost effective and efficient solutions. A class-leading warranty, no limit on number of cards, a full year of On Demand data backup and a more competitive price tag all make it one of the best mobile data card choices available today.

With the help of the mobile data card and data backup software, business and private enterprises can maximize the potential of their mobile computing devices. At the same time, the integrated features of the mobile data card will provide excellent data security to protect the device from data loss.

The mobile data card can provide an enterprise with the perfect platform for using a variety of applications that includes advanced programs that will enable businesses to acquire, retrieve, store and analyze mobile data. The features of the mobile data card will include secure access to the data stored in the Samsung 970 EVO PLUS mobile data card. Furthermore, users can copy and send the data over the Internet with the help of the Samsung 970 EVO PLUS mobile data card.

Another key feature of the mobile data card is the ability to protect the entire data in the card from external threats. The card will allow users to boot up the card immediately upon receiving a network signal as well as the ability to do so without having to enter the password to boot up the device.

Another option that will come with the card is the capability to read and write data from different SD cards as well as the internal flash memory on the card. In addition, the card is designed to support data transmission over the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies.

Other unique features of the mobile data card include the ability to use the On Demand Software on the Samsung 970 EVO PLUS for On Demand Data Backup. The On Demand Data Backup will enable users to save and retrieve any data from the mobile device and can do so in a matter of seconds.

The On Demand Data Backup allows the user to backup any type of data to the internal storage or external storage of the card. Users can also import files and folders that are saved on the card into their own computers for the synchronization.

A full year of On Demand Data Backup can be obtained with the Samsung 970 EVO PLUS mobile data card. Also, users will enjoy access to a more comprehensive version of Samsung Data Backup with additional features like call monitoring, mobile threat and traffic monitoring, managed backup and restore, and exclusive one-year unlimited data backup plan.

Mobile data backup is becoming a significant feature in the corporate world as it offers data protection services in the form of data recovery services. Furthermore, it provides the option to backup data at a faster rate to prevent possible data loss.

According to its developers, the Samsung 970 EVO PLUS is fully equipped with the On Demand Data Backup and its ability to protect the data in the card can be utilized for different purposes. For example, business users can use the device for multiple networks, to copy and restore the data and to receive back up reports.

In addition, the Samsung 970 EVO PLUS mobile data card is also useful for the mobile computing device that comes with its own memory. The device can be used for connecting to servers and can be connected to the laptop via USB as well as FireWire.

Moreover, users can save their files as well as share them on the Internet and they can also use it to access their data if they are connected to the internet via data cables. As a result, Samsung 970 EVO PLUS is one of the best solutions for business users who are on the lookout for a mobile data card.

Product Features

INNOVATIVE V-NAND TECHNOLOGY: Powered by Samsung V-NAND Technology, the 970 EVO Plus SSD’s NVMe interface (PCIe Gen 3.0 x4 NVMe 1.3) offers enhanced bandwidth, low latency, and power efficiency ideal for tech enthusiasts, high end gamers, and 4K & 3D content designers BREAKTHROUGH READ WRITE SPEEDS: Sequential read and write performance levels of up to 3,500MB/s and 3,300MB/s, respectively; Random Read (4KB, QD32): Up to 600,000 IOPS Random Read PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION AND DATA SECURITY: Seamless cloning and file transfers with Samsung Magician Software, the ideal SSD management solution for performance optimization and data security with automatic firmware updates SUPERIOR HEAT DISSIPATION: Samsung’s Dynamic Thermal Guard automatically monitors and maintains optimal operating temperatures to minimize performance drops 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: 5-year limited warranty or 600 TBW (Terabytes Written)

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