6U Wall Mount Network Equipment Rack - 14 inch Deep - 19" Patch Panel Bracket for Shallow Server Equipment- 44lbs Capacity (WALLMOUNT6)

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nas backup drive

A few years back, Lenovo, also one of the biggest global leaders in technology, released NAS backup drives to customers who can safely back up their data on their computers. But recently, a serious problem has arisen.

More people have been losing valuable data and even being threatened to pay an enormous ransom to retrieve their lost drive. It is understandable why you would be concerned when this happens to you and your company. So if you do not have a NAS backup device yet, it is high time that you get yourself one for your business.

Backup drives are basically devices that have storage space on them that you can use to save your data in case your computer crash or gets damaged. They are available in various sizes and capacities. If you want to store a very large amount of data, you may need to buy a NAS backup drive that can hold a terabyte of data. Of course, this would be very expensive, but you should consider how much it would cost you to replace the hard drive and pay the price of your new computer. You may also consider purchasing other redundant backup devices that you could use to back up important files.

Aside from storing data, a NAS backup drive can also serve as a file server where your files can be stored. You can create as many users as you like for accessing the files you want. This will save you both time and money. If your files become corrupt and you cannot access them anymore, you can simply send them to your user and he can access them as fast as possible.

One of the biggest benefits of these backup devices is the fact that they will protect you against the risks of data loss that comes with software failure. You can also ensure that your data is safe by using a secure password that only you will have access to and that only you can use.

Another major advantage that a NAS backup drive offers is that it can save your data from getting corrupted or damaged by viruses and malicious programs that can cause havoc to your files. If your system crashes, you can still have an option to recover your data with a simple restart.

The cost of this type of backup device depends on several factors. The capacity of the drive, the number of users you want to back it up, the operating system you are running and the amount of data you want to store. There is a lot of information on the Internet that can help you compare the cost of different NAS backup devices. before you make your purchase.

Make sure that you choose a reliable and trustworthy company that can provide you with a NAS backup device that meets all your needs. Most of them come with full support and assistance. And because they are designed to function as a virtual backup, you can easily schedule automatic backups and restarts whenever needed.

The good news is that you don't need to be an expert in technology to install, set up or operate such devices. You can do so without any special skills or knowledge. They are easy to install and even easier to operate.

If you do not know how to use your NAS, all you need is a guidebook. All you have to do is to follow the instructions and then follow the steps provided. You can also refer to the manual and watch how your backup will work and what kind of results you would get after using it.

A NAS backup drive can work as a virtual backup by creating an exact replica of your hard drive. The reason why this is done is so that you can be assured that all your files are safe and secure.

Because it works as a replica of your hard drive, all data and programs saved on it are encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone else. So, even if your NAS is lost, your files and folders are kept safe. That way, even if you lose your hard drive, you can still be able to recover your data from another copy.

Product Features

The STARTECH.COM advantage: offers a lifetime warranty and free lifetime technical support on this bracket and has been the choice of IT professionals and businesses for over 30 years. Sturdy construction: The 6U wall mounting bracket delivers a dependable equipment storage option, allowing you to wall mount equipment for a more efficient and accessible operating environment. Built to last: Made of sturdy cold rolled steel, you can rely on this mounting bracket to keep your network equipment safe and sound. This bracket is perfect in areas where space is at a premium. Optimized workspace: This 6U 12 inch deep wall mounting bracket has an open frame, 2 post design with a maximum mounting depth of 12 inch [34.6 centimeter] and a maximum weight capacity of 44.2 pounds [20 kilogram]. Easy to install: The 6U wall mounting bracket ships fully assembled and comes complete with 12x M6 Screws and 12x M6 Cage Nuts for easier installation, to save you the hassle of sourcing separate mounting hardware.