The Asus Keyboard With Numeric Pad

The Asus Keyboard with Numeric Pad is one of the best keyboard pads ever made. It has the perfect feel and placement for a great typing experience. If you have never used a keyboard that offers a pad, I highly recommend it.

asus keyboard

Having a good keyboard is very important to anyone who uses a computer. The keystrokes on most keyboards are very slow, and the response time from the computer can be very poor as well. I use a laptop now and while I use my old keyboard, I can tell that using a laptop keyboard without a pad is like riding in an elevator all day long. It is a frustrating experience.

The Asus laptop keyboard with the numeric pad helps to improve the speed and accuracy of the keystrokes. When you have a pad on the keyboard, you know where everything is located so you can type faster. With a laptop you get frustrated when you have to turn the keyboard sideways just to find something to type.

The numeric pad is really easy to use. When you turn the laptop around to look for something to type, the pad goes where you left it on the keyboard. It does not take a second for the pad to be where you left it when you turned the keyboard to look for something to type.

The Asus keyboard with the numeric pad also features a large number pad so you can find anything quickly. The large number pad gives you the option to input hundreds of numbers and do it quickly. I also like how you can double check your data without having to move the mouse.

I really enjoy typing on the Asus keyboard with the numeric pad. I don’t have to worry about missing a keystroke. I always have the number key right next to the letter I am trying to type. That means I am typing on the number pad before I know what letters I am going to type.

The convenience of being able to type with a pad is very nice and if I were to buy a new keyboard, I think I would choose this one. It would make any typing experience more efficient and enjoyable.

While there are many other keyboards out there with numeric pads, the Asus keyboard with the numeric pad is probably the best keyboard I have ever used. The other keyboards I have tried have been hard to type with and they have always been frustrating. They were very hard to type on because of all the keys. Other keyboards can be hard to type on because the first glance, but once you use them, you get used to them and then they become second nature.