The Asus Rog Gaming Laptop Review

Asus Rog is a new gaming laptop computer that can be found on many online computer retail websites. The laptop has received a lot of attention from users and experts in the computer field.


The laptop has been equipped with Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M chipset that is quite comparable to laptops with the latest GeForce GT 650M graphics chipsets. Gamers in the field have also indicated the laptop's capabilities. The laptop is powered by a dual core processor, which is equivalent to laptops with Nvidia GeForce GTX 770M graphics cards.


Asus Rog is considered to be ideal for professional gamers who love gaming. The laptop contains several hardware configurations including a large battery, fast SSD disk, large hard drive, and four USB ports. Also, users have praised the Asus Rog laptop for having the mobility and portability, and they have identified the laptop as suitable for people who travel frequently.


The keyboard of the Asus Rog G703 is superior compared to other gaming laptops. Many users have said that it is among the best keyboards available for laptops. The keyboard is larger than average but still includes several key caps that are useful for gamers. The keyboard can be installed with additional key caps, which is widely recommended by gamers.


The display of the laptop is of good quality and has very good viewing angles. Gamers have noted that this laptop has a very good display. Another plus point for this laptop are the long battery life that it provides.


There are several general features that Asus Rog G703 laptops offer, such as a memory of 8 GB, DVD ROM, USB ports, and speakers. Users can use the USB ports to attach external drives, such as a USB pen drive. Users who want to attach external drives to their laptop can use the two USBports on the back of the laptop.


The Asus Rog laptop has a keyboard that is similar to a traditional laptop keyboard but includes some additional keys. These additional keys include function keys that have been added to the bottom part of the keyboard. A majority of gamers said that the function keys are quite useful.


The screen of the Asus Rog G703 can also be replaced. This laptop will be compatible with the ASUS Multimedia Dock that will replace the screen. Users have also rated the laptop's screens quite highly.


Asus Rog G703 laptops can be repaired using Asus's Warranty Service. Users can check this service by logging into the Asus Website and then selecting the Repair Warranty Service tab. Users will be able to search for the specific model, serial number, and serial number ranges. Once the repair service is selected, the technician will be able to determine whether the laptop can be repaired or whether it will need to be replaced.


The Asus Rog G703 is one of the smallest laptops in the world. It has a slim profile and provides gamers with enough space for various games and applications. For this reason, the laptop is considered to be an ideal gaming machine. For gamers who want to play games without sacrificing the design of their laptop, this laptop is a good choice.


With so many positive comments made about the Asus Rog G703, it is clear that the laptop has a lot of potential. The responsiveness of the keyboard, and the large LCD screen are the biggest factors that have made this laptop a popular choice. Additionally, the laptop comes with a two year warranty that gives users peace of mind that their gaming laptop is protected by a reputable company.


With the best graphics and battery life, the Asus Rog G703 laptop can be considered to be one of the most popular laptops in the world. Other laptops that are similar to the Asus Rog include the Dell Inspiron 15 and a Samsung Series 10.