U32 Shadow 4TB External SSD USB-C Portable Solid State Drive

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If you think laptops are only for people who can fit in their pants pockets and carry around a lot of personal information, think again. Laptops are now more mainstream, and they come in many more varieties and forms. There are now several different sizes of laptop. For example, there are laptop nVME (for laptop with laptop NVMe) laptops, laptop m.2 ssd (for laptop with m.2 SSD), ultra light laptops, gaming laptops and all the way to ultra high-end laptops with multiple graphics cards and high-resolution screens. There are now several different types of battery for laptops too.


Asus laptop computers offer many customizable features, including the keyboard cover. Their standard keyboard has a large space for the arrow keys, with individual lighting underneath for each key for better visual ease and visibility. The standard keyboard also offers dedicated function buttons for everything from volume to brightness. The keyboard on Asus laptop computers also has very good backlighting so you can see exactly where the keys are located under total darkness.

The Zenbook UX391ua is one of the newest available models of laptop. It comes with a color gamut screen, which gives the laptop an excellent performance in both brightness and contrast. Also, the laptop comes with a dual-core Intel i5 processor, an 8 GB Ram memory, a terabyte hard drive, an optical drive, a Blu-ray burner, a solid state hard drive and an integrated camera.

Another type of laptop that is becoming popular with laptop owners is the m.2 drive. The m.2 drive is a smaller version of the standard hard drive, used mainly for flash memory on laptops. The smaller size allows for the m.2 drive to fit more easily into the laptop case, providing ample room for other features. In addition to the standard m.2 drive, some models of laptop come with alternative, larger M.2 drives, including four or six gigabytes of memory.

The cooling fan on many laptops helps to keep the laptop nice and cool, even during extended use. Asus models of Zenbook use fans that have been placed into the back casing of the laptop. These fans can help to eliminate heated laptops from the front, while the back casing helps to dissipate the heat from the laptop, keeping it much cooler, longer, and safer. Another nice feature of the Zenbook laptop is its heat dissipation performance. While it has no fans, it does help to disperse heat so you are not getting overly hot while working on it.

While most laptop manufacturers only add a little amount of cooling capacity to their laptops, Asus has added a lot by including their heat dissipation capability as well. By including their heat dissipation capability as a standard upgrade, Asus laptop models will increase their battery life a lot, allowing for longer laptop use without worrying about overworked batteries. The standard Asus laptop comes with a back cover that can be removed and washed clean. This back cover also helps to keep dust and other materials off of the internal components, which improves the overall reliability and performance of the laptop.

One of the most annoying parts of owning a laptop is the tiny keyboard keys that are always at the bottom right of the screen. For this reason, many business laptop sports models come with a large vertical keyboard key on the left side, instead of the right. With the new Zenbook Pro 2, Asus has included a large vertical keyboard key, making it easier to type on. This key takes up less space on the laptop, making it easier to access when the need arises.

Asus has yet another advantage with their new laptop. The laptop runs much cooler than any other laptop on the market today thanks to the integrated six-core Intel processor. This chip has two high speed cores and four low speed cores, giving your laptop an outstanding level of performance and power for all intensive tasks. You will notice an increase in the speed of your applications and web surfing with an Asus Zenbook Ux391ua, and this will leave you with an enjoyable experience no matter what you are doing.

Product Features

USB-C Gen2 (10Gbps). Compatible with all USB and Thunderbolt 3. Aluminum housing provides excellent protection and heat dissipation Plug and play with Windows, Mac, Sony PS4/PS5 Backed by a 3 year warranty Includes: U32 Shadow, USB-C cable, USB 3.0 cable, padded carrying pouch