Vanquisher 10-Inch Fully Rugged Tablet Field PC - Windows 10 Pro, 64GB

Price: $779.99

Product Description

Advantage of iPad Case

The newest and hottest trend in tablet pc cases is to go beyond the standard Microfiber-covered fabric, allowing manufacturers to incorporate a premium leather exterior as well. Discover how microfiber and leather-infused tablet pc cases can add style and class to your laptop.

Tablets are built to withstand the toughest conditions, including dust, water, heat, and impact. In order to survive in these harsh environments, they must be durable. Manufacturers use materials such as nylon, polyester, or vinyl, all of which can help protect a tablet against wear and tear. But despite their durability, tablets can still get scuffed up or bumped around when using them in the real world.

One way to protect your tablet PC is to buy a stand for the laptop. A stand mounts the device under your laptop, preventing it from sliding back when you're carrying it. Tablet PC accessories such as laptop stands are designed to be carried on your lap or in your bag, making them very easy to bring along wherever you go.

A more lightweight option is a low-profile stand. This design doesn't make your tablet PC as heavy, so it won't feel like it's pulling your legs. Low-profile stands are great if you want to keep your iPad away from the floor when you're watching TV or listening to music. They're also nice if you don't want to use your tablet to work with your laptop.

When it comes to providing complete protection, there's only one choice. Buy a separate case for your tablet. These cases usually consist of a strong, waterproof interior, a reinforced outer shell, and features like water repellent fabric and leather straps. You can't beat protection for the expense of purchasing a separate case.

Some popular styles include leather straps and an inner pocket that serve as an organizer. Other popular leather-branded designs include stitched snaps, zippered pockets, and mesh organizers.

It's easy to see why high-quality leather cases are so popular. But they're not only for style, you'll find high-quality materials in top-notch cases for protection as well.

Take a look at the Vamquisher Mini case. It's a slim and stylish computer accessory case with an inside compartment that provides easy access to your USB ports. It also has a pocket for important documents, a flip cover, a strong double-panel construction, and a screen protector.

You'll also find that the Vamquisher has many of the same sturdy and powerful materials used in other cases. These include ultra-durable heavy-duty polycarbonate, the same material used in military aircraft.

This durable material is also used to make the Vamquisher's inner frame, allowing it to remain light even with a thick protective cover. The proprietary silicone coating used in the case's build allows it to remain dust and moisture resistant even in wet conditions.

The Vamquisher Mini also features a fully enclosed IP67 weatherproof design, ensuring that your tablet PC remains protected even in the most extreme of conditions. And while some others only offer leather versions, the Vamquisher Mini offers all of the same features as the leather version, including zipper and snap closures, closure handles, and a spacious interior to store your tablet and other essentials.

There are a lot of tablet PC cases out there, but you'll have to choose one that makes the most of what you pay for it. The Vamquisher Mini fits the bill. So don't forget to consider the advantages of the Vamquisher Mini when shopping for a case for your laptop.

Product Features

Shipped by DHL from HK. Arrives: 5~9 days after order confirmation. Full rugged & easy to carry for field user — Ruggedized construction, IP65 rated for rain resistant, water-proof and dustproof. Adopting Corning Gorilla glass panel for outstanding durability. Can withstand harsh handling in outdoor & tough demanding environment, from mining to maintenance. The sturdy wrist strap & handle makes it easy to carry into the field, ideal for business, enterprise & industrial mobile solutions. Powerful hardware configurations — Microsoft Windows 10 PRO OS (64bit system). 10.1 inch touch screen. Intel Quad-core processor. 4G RAM, 64G ROM. Up to 128GB expandable memory through micro SD. Support OTG mode (Mouse/Keyboard). Multiple data communication capabilities keep your team connected anywhere — Support 4G LTE network (AT&T, T-mobile). WIFI 802.11(a/b/g/n), 2.4G/5.8G dual bands. Bluetooth 4.0. Built-in U-blox GPS module. Support GNSS (GPS, GLONASS). Positioning without WiFi or cell signal required. Outstanding battery durability — This rugged tablet comes with an replaceable 10000mAh high capacity lithium battery to ensures full day of computing and connectivity, without worrying about data lossing in the field. An essential production tool to get jobs done, ideal for mobile workforce, consultants, engineers, geologists, field workers, maintainance staff etc. Rich ports & Interfaces — Integrated RS232(TTL) COM port, RJ45 Ethernet port, HDMI & full size USB port allows this portable PC to pair with other industry-specific terminals easily and convenient, provides more expandability & flexibility in enterprise & industry applications. POGO pin design for optional docking recharging.