Vanquisher 8-Inch Ultra Rugged Tablet Windows 10 Pro, with GPS GNSS / 7500mAH Battery/Gorilla Glass Panel / IP67 Water-Resistant for Enterprise Mobile Field Work

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Product Description

Rugged Tablet - The Ultimate Choice For Home Television

The Rugged Tablet can be purchased in several different varieties, but none are as powerful as the VANQUISHER 8-Inch Rugged Tablet. With this model you will be able to receive your cable TV signal and also have access to more than 130 satellite channels. While other models will allow you to access fewer channels, this one will allow you to receive multiple stations, but will also deliver a maximum signal strength of 98%.

This device is known for having a top-notch video reception and also an almost two-million channel programming. These two things come together to give the user the ability to make sure that they get the best possible television programming. As a result of this you will have the option to watch all the major sporting events that are available.

With the Rugged Tablet you will be able to receive high definition channels and even movie channels. You will be able to access everything on the television through this device. In addition, you will be able to use this device as a satellite dish to receive your signals from other devices. You will be able to watch your favorite movies as well as enjoy music selections.

When you purchase the Rugged Tablet you will be able to select from many different color combinations. There are some available in white and black, but there are also many different colors available. With this model you will be able to choose from some of the most attractive colors and also select from a variety of price ranges.

However, you will need to select a service provider when you purchase this model. You will be able to select from AT&T, DirecTV, Comcast, Dish Network, Charter, Cox Communications, and Verizon FiOS. These companies all have various packages that are available so you will want to select the package that fits your specific needs.

The Rugged Tablet will provide you with two different types of tuning options. You will be able to select from either a tuner or a built-in HDTV tuner. You will be able to pick which of these you prefer based on your own personal preferences.

As with most of the models available today, the Rugged Tablet includes a multitude of channels. However, you will also be able to select between a plethora of digital or analog television channels. While most of the providers that offer the Rugged Tablet will include all of the standard channels, it is up to you to select which of these you would like to add to your lineup.

It is also important to note that the best results will be seen when you purchase the right package. If you choose to purchase a package that includes additional digital channels, you may find that it is not sufficient to satisfy your needs. However, if you have a package that includes traditional channels such as PBS, the National Geographic Channel, and other stations you will find that you will have all of the digital channels you need.

As you will discover the number of channels that you can receive is what determines whether or not you choose to choose this type of cable television or choose the more traditional channels. Most of the more popular channels are available in both versions of the digital or analog channels. However, if you are purchasing the Rugged Tablet for the first time you will want to choose a digital programming package and you will want to use a traditional programming package to choose from.

When you purchase the Rugged Tablet you will be able to connect it to your television using a DVI cable. There are two different models available, the Rugged Cable TV and the Rugged Tablet and the Rugged Satellite receiver. Both models will work with all of the cable systems that are on the market today.

The Rugged Satellite receiver is considered to be more of a traditional model and comes with the same features as the Rugged Cable TV receiver. However, the Rugged Tablet allows for a simpler setup and requires that you only plug the receiver into a standard single outlet. The Digital and Analog Channels will not work with this receiver and there is no adapter available. .

Product Features

ULTRA THIN & COMPACT SIZE — With 8-inch hand-held size and less than 1.5 lbs weight, the tablet is built to fit ergonomically in one hand & lighten your load on the job, also allows for big enough display. The sturdy backhand strap makes it easy to carry & hold, ideal for field users. RUGGEDIZED FOR THE FIELD — Adopting Corning Gorilla glass panel for outstanding durability. With IP67 rated housing & MIL-STD-810G military standards for drops, shocks, vibration, rain, dirt, mud, sand, water, altitude and humidity, this solid & reliable tablet can withstand wild handling in outdoor, ideal for tough jobs, extreme conditions & demanding industrial environments from mining to maintenance in all weather conditions. WINDOWS BASED ENTERPRISE MOBILITY— Microsoft Windows 10 Professional operation system. Intel 14nm Atom X5-Z8350 Quad-core processor with speed up to 1.92GHz. 2G RAM, 32G ROM. Up to 128GB expandable memory through SD slot. Support OTG mode (Mouse/Keyboard). 8-inch touch screen. Support hand-writing (stylus pen optional). SUPERIOR BATTERY DURABILITY — This industrial field tablet comes with integrated 7500mAh high capacity li-ion battery to ensures full day of computing and field work , without worrying about data lossing in the field. An essential production tool to get jobs done, ideal for mobile workforce, consultants, engineers, geologists, field workers, maintainance staff etc. BUILT-IN GPS — Integrated U-blox GPS module (Neo-7 GNSS) for navigation & positioning without WiFi or cell signal in remote conditions. Support Windows offline map.Works with MAGNET Field for collecting land positioning data and perform GIS mapping. SDK available for customized program development. An essential & reliable tool for geological survey, construction, navigation, fleet management, vehicle tracking, asset management, field data collection etc.